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International Customers

Payment for overseas transactions can be made via PAYPAL. This Excludes bullion items as we require you to contact us by phone before we permit a sale to be processed as certain additional fees and charges will apply. Payments via a Bank transfer to our Australian or USA Bank Accounts are also available.

For Bank Transfers to our Australian Account our Banking Details please contact us by phone or email.

A Bank transfer to our USA Bank Account in USA Dollars is also available in certain circumstances (details provided on Application – additional fees to cover ‘Exchange rate fluctuations’ and other Bank fees and imposts associated with the repatriation of these funds to Australia will apply).

Australian Customers

Bank deposit is our preferred payment option as this reduces fees/charges payable by you and us.

If Bank deposits are not your preference then we are happy to accept Paypal (additional fees will be levied to you) or Credit Card payments (over the phone) again these type of payments attract additional but modest fees.


Please note, for all transactions of $5,000 or more, paid for in cash or via phone/internet, it is mandatory (under ruling Austrac AML/CTF Act of 2006 legislation) for all customers wheresoever situated to provide Prestige Coins & Collectables with ‘Certified/Notarized’ 100 points of identification (See complete listing of document options and how to have a document ‘Certified or Notarized’).

Providing 100 points of identification

You must provide a total of 100 points of Australian or Foreign state-issued documents to prove your identity.

Different types of identity documents are worth different points. You can use different combinations of documents to make up your 100 points, but you must include at least 1 primary document as part of your 100 points.

Primary documents Points
Birth certificate 50
Driver licence (with Photo) 60
Current Australian or International Passport 50
Secondary documents Points
Certificate of Australian citizenship or National Identity Card (for International customers) 40
Change of name certificate or Marriage Certificate 40
Australian visa 40
Medicare Card 40
Document from a Bank or Utility (with name and Residential address) 30

How to have a document correctly certified/Notarized

  1. Take the original AND a photocopy to an authorised person (see list of authorised persons). The most common authorised persons are police officers, school/collage principals and pharmacists.  
  1. The authorised person must write on EVERY PAGE of the photocopied document the following sentence: ‘I have sighted the original document and certify this to be a true copy of the original’.
  1. Ensure the authorised person writes their name, signs and dates each statement and provides their employment designation (police officer, pharmacist etc). 

Who is authorised to certify documents?

You can have documents certified/notarized by people who are legally allowed to take Statutory Declarations, including the following professions:

  • Principal of a registered school/College/University
  • Lawyer/Solicitor/Attorney
  • Medical Practitioner
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist
  • Veterinarian
  • Accountant
  • Minister of religion authorised to celebrate marriages
  • a ‘Justice of the Peace’ or a ‘Commissioner for Oaths’
  • Bank Manager
  • Police Officer

If you are unable to find a person in the above categories please contact us and we will arrange for Persons holding employment in other job categories to be added to the above list